365 Days of Gratitude


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photoSince December 1, 2011 I journeyed through 365 creations and underwent a metamorphosis never imaginable. Artist became writer. Creative director became marketer. Security became vulnerability. Less became more. Passion became desire.

Several personal journals were lovingly caressed over the year where I joyfully laid gratitude between their pages. Today, as my final creation for this blog, before moving into my next grand adventures, I share 365 of my most heartfelt expressions of love and appreciation to this journey, its companions and every emotion experienced along the way.

1) I am grateful for coming to terms with patience.
2) I am grateful for becoming a ballroom dancer.
3) I am grateful for putting my beliefs and desires ahead of my goals.
4) I am grateful for venti, skinny, iced caramel machiatos.
5) I am grateful for discovering presence.
6) I am grateful for soulmates.
7) I am grateful for sacred space
8) I am grateful for a masterful table of mentors, muses and friends.
9) I am grateful for relationships based in mutuality.
10) I am grateful for accepting nothing less than all four levels.
11) I am grateful for embracing confidence.
12) I am grateful for being an educator.
13) I am grateful for being blessed with two unbelievably strong mothers.
14) I am grateful for the memories and love music has brought into my life.
15) I am grateful for persistence.
16) I am grateful for leading a business rooted in creativity.
17) I am grateful for needing less sleep than most.
18) I am grateful for yellow writing pads.
19) I am grateful for my dreams.
20) I am grateful for finding the perfect words.
21) I am grateful for the moments when I slow down.
22) I am grateful for a clear desk.
23) I am grateful for visits to the spa.
24) I am grateful for my health.
25) I am grateful for reading that inspires.
26) I am grateful for thought provoking stories.
27) I am grateful for self awareness.
28) I am grateful for magic moments.
29) I am grateful for opportunity.
30) I am grateful for transformation.
31) I am grateful for curiosity.
32) I am grateful for resourcefulness.
33) I am grateful for my children’s leadership, integrity and compassionate hearts.
34) I am grateful for inspiration.
35) I am grateful for vision.
36) I am grateful for discovering my voice.
37) I am grateful for time.
38) I am grateful for being a woman.
39) I am grateful for being challenged.
40) I am grateful for kisses.
41) I am grateful for passion & fear, joy & loss, isolation & inclusion, curiosity & indifference and every emotion in between.
42) I am grateful for detractors.
43) I am grateful for vulnerability.
44) I am grateful for New York.
45) I am grateful for creativity.
46) I am grateful for allure.
47) I am grateful for awareness.
48) I am grateful for articulation.
49) I am grateful for adventure.
50) I am grateful for embracing the joy of letting go.


I AM GRATEFUL FOR…my dear, dear inner circle of “Marble Jar” friends who have unconditionally supported both my moments of darkest doubt and those of blinding joy.

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I AM GRATEFUL FOR…72 WordPress followers and email subscribers. I have lead you through 365 days of  creations and hope to continue inspiring you by learning to let go.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR…79 students, freelance designers and employees whom I had the pleasure to lead and mentor and who in return inspired me with their passion, talent and integrity.

and finally…

I AM GRATEFUL FOR…my family for understanding why mom keeps the light and laptop on long after bedtime.