Peace and the Island of San Miguel

As the holidays rapidly approach, I have been opening my heart and arms to embracing and creating peace around every corner. This day brought time to prepare my spirit for bigger changes on this quiet highway. It was a day to walk about my office with the eyes I saw through 5 years ago. It’s hard to believe that in just 5 short years so much growth can blossom and drift away. It’s frightening really to recognize how fleeting each moment is. This is why today, I made no apologies for not accomplishing more than what peace would bring. Bookkeeper, art director, studio manager, personal chauffeur, chef, banker, dance partner, teacher, student, mom, housekeeper, writer, business owner, wife, daughter, creator, grade school tutor I wore all these hats today – each with a peace sign tacked to their brim.

The image of creation I have chosen to share today is one of my daughter as she and I plan her next class project. Together we sketched, branstormed, and laughed. But most of all we created a memory of trust, love and togetherness.