Invitation to Embrace

I debated a bit about what to share today as it was a day of many different types of creations. The morning began by creating happiness for a little girl, my lovely daughter who has been praying for a certain little red dress to wear for her school holiday performance. Such a simple gift creates light and hope in the eyes of a child longing to feel extra magical on a special day. It’s these moments mom covets the role of magician.

About midday, the hopes and dreams of a little girl took a 180° turn as I created a boundary in an interpersonal relationship. I consider myself a very flexible and accommodating individual, but there are times when I become masonry and put up a brick wall. I used to beat myself up when I broke out the bricks and mud, but in my older “wiser” years I have come to accept that brick walls are there to protect us. Sometimes we run straight into these impenetrable barriers that someone else has created and we don’t understand why we can’t get through. Other times we are the ones on the other side protecting ourselves from forces that would simply damage our livelihood, conscience, or faith. Today, that brick wall was created solid and strong.

Later this evening I found myself creating content for an upcoming post on the business blog and making notes on a new and exciting venture. Those details will just need to wait for another day before I share.

Finally, I decided to share today a creation of community and the promise to embrace fellowship. In less than a week my business will host its first open house/holiday party. The planning of this event has been quite last minute, but honestly I find that’s when I work best. What began as a very nice, but somewhat generic invitation shifted into a much more personable message. My personal assistant (more often photographer), caught each one of our crew in a candid shot decking out the building as we prepared for the event. Thank goodness for a crew who launch their spirit so willingly, without ego, without haste. We truly have the most talented, ethical, passionate and loving crew in the business. So tonight, after the family was all tucked in nice and warm, mom put on her designer and art director hat, finished of the invitation, then quickly switched over to chief writer and marketing manager and sent out the email blast.

Whew, that’s enough for one day. Don‘t ya think!