Honoring Twelve

Wedged between eleven, a number harkening disorder and urgency as in “the eleventh hour”, and the thirteen, or that double digit often omitted from elevator floor panels and feared in urban legends, resides the wisdom of twelve. Twelve has been referred to as representing time and space. Twelve sits at the top of the hour where analog hands aim straight up to its form. Twelve courageous men have placed their lives in the hands of science, traveled through space and placed their foot upon the moon. Twelve also represents the number of Apostles, Olympians, signs of the zodiac, letters in the Hawaiian alphabet and typical American jury.

As part of my spiritual growth and emergence as writer, I have been guided to the power of releasing twelve statements of personal expression. The exercise is easy. Begin with a brief statement, deceptively clear and simple, then complete that same statement twelve times as quickly as possible. Don’t pick up the pen, or drift off stretching for just the “right” message. By about that sixth or seventh sentence you may find yourself silent, reaching for words that aren’t showing up as easily. Push past the delay, the self critic, the paralysis in your head and hand. Write gibberish if that’s what it takes, but whatever you do, let go of trying to be clever or creative and just release the raw and unfiltered message. When you reach twelve sentences, stop. Put down the pen and remain in this open, critic free mindset as you release your creative energy on your next project or task.

Today, as I continue to reflect on this year of the highest highs, and lowest lows, I share my twelve messages of peace. Perhaps they will resonate with you.

When I experience peace I smile at unexpected moments.

When I experience peace I breath.

When I experience peace I draw.

When I experience peace I want to share.

When I experience peace I don’t look at bank account balances.

When I experience peace I find inspiration in the tiniest details.

When I experience peace I kiss my kids on the forehead.

When I experience peace I accept everything lovingly.

When I experience peace I have perspective.

When I experience peace I grow.

When I experience peace I play with my dog.

When I experience peace I become absorbed in the arts.