Transformation Harnessed.

See that bucket? There, at the end of the redwood sauna bench. It is quite a deceptively magical tool for turning up the heat.

My sauna is never really hot enough for me. I guess that’s a sign of my temperament. I’ve grown accustomed to the scorch of words, the fieriness of desire, and the torridity of the unknown. This little redwood vessel, when filled with water, becomes the catalyst to turn up the heat as much as I can stand. A giant wooded ladle dipped into its well lifts to pour its contents over a caged stove just inches away. Tssssss, the rocks sizzle. Lukewarm water fusing with red hot rocks transforms liquid into steam.

As liquid transforms into air, I too transform. Like the water, agitation and challenges are cast upon me – raising the heat inside my core towards flame. I’ve learned to appreciate and even embrace this heat. Like an old friend, I welcome it with raised arms and beckon it to enter – for it will discover I have created wonder and story from its embers.

Today was  a day of many creations including several conversations with students after our final session of the semester, giving creative direction for our holiday card, and planning an upcoming celebrating with friends and family. Most of all, I created space to see more clearly, to listen between the lines and to draw the line in some cases. I stand here bucket and ladle in hand coaxing the flames even higher and hotter. Go on now, I can take it! Then behold as I create the most glorious imaginations from the heat of my racing heart.