The Hostess’ Gift

Ahhh, Christmas Parties – a time to join hands with dearest friends and family. A few fleeting moments to celebrate the season, reflect on the passing year and embrace those closest to our hearts.

I’ve hosted many parties in my life – birthdays, holiday parties at my home, and just one wedding so far (luckily I have at least a decade to save before my children walk down that path).  To me, the planning, preparation and anticipation is almost as thrilling as the event itself. But, I do have a tendency to plan for more than can possibly happen in one event. I pick up extra napkins, plates,  utensils, toilet paper, candles – more than will ever get used. I prepare enough food for an army. If I’m lucky, I grab a cracker and wedge of cheese between hugging new arrivals and shepherding activities along. And sadly, no matter how fast I run, the clock continues to outpace me. But isn’t that what the role of host or hostess is about? For one night, that guest list is family and I’m mom making sure my family is provided for regardless what it takes out of me. Well, I LOVE my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tonight was our office Christmas Party. But what made if even more special was that it was also the first official party hosted in our beautiful building. Invitations were sent to everyone, and I mean everyone – clients, students, friends, colleagues, over 300 invitations altogether. In the end an intimate group of about 20 arrived representing all paths of creativity and community converging, if only for a few brief hours.

I will admit this mom and hostess didn’t completely plan this event unselfishly. There was one activity that held a very special place in my heart and I was committed to making it happen even if only for my own pleasure.

Earlier in the day I hung a 48″ x 48″ blank  canvas in one of our large open spaces. Big canvas. Bigger intention! Sketched upon the white surface of the linen the basic architecture of a six sided snowflake. Why six sides? Well, most significantly, there are currently 6 employees at the company and I felt that alone was worth celebrating. The Pythagoreans considered six to be a perfect number as it symbolizes beauty and high ideals. The spiritual meaning of number six also signifies enlightenment more specifically harmony, balance, love, and above all truth. Sounds very Bohemian right? And let’s not forget that as the highest number on a standard dice, nothing scores higher in Yahtzee than a string of sixes!

Like most moms, I find my greatest gifts are those created by my children. So with brush and paint in hand, I asked everyone attending the party to make a small contribution of their time and  creativity on the canvas. Like a snowflake, this creation became an experience and celebration of art which had it’s moment in time, cannot be repeated and will now forever hang in this building and my heart.

Thank you everyone who contributed their heart and hand to this painting. It is an honor to have created the moment that gave it life.