101 Lessons from 2011 – Part 2

As a promise made to my undeniably gifted Mastermind Group, today I share the next 10 lessons that have inspired my personal and professional growth this past year. If you missed the first 5, visit Creation 11.

6 ) Making no decision is more damaging than making the wrong decision. How can this be you may ask? I’ve learned that by making no decision fear, procrastination and unquenchable desire for perfection immobilize our hearts and minds. In this age of information overload we can become overwhelmed by the endless array of options and possibilities and by making a single choice, we are by default saying no to the others. But indecisiveness is “wishy washy,” and an acceptance of mediocrity. These are not the qualities of a leader. No man can lead along two paths simultaneously he must still commit to the single road and trust that the right answers will appear along the way. And in the words of the wisest little green mentor Yoda, “There is no TRY, only DO or DO NOT.”

7 ) UFTAE – Uninterrupted Focused Time And Energy is the simple truth to getting done what will be done.

8 ) What you focus on grows. Think about this theory as it relates to sound and energy waves. As noise and clutter are cleared away from a single waveform the more it becomes amplifies. Quantum Matrix Energetics takes this simple phenomenon and applies the principles of Quantum physics. “According to modern physicists, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, that everything is light and information.” As we clear away the noise and clutter in our lives, refocus that energy in a consistent and positive direction, we too can create growth, creativity, brilliance.

9 ) “Cheaper is the last refuge of the marketer unable to invent a better product and tell a better story.” – Seth Godin. Seriously, there isn’t a lesson more significant than this, especially today. It’s ironic to find that consumers will pay $4 for a cup of coffee that will be consumed in a matter of 30 minutes, but spending more than $10 on a filmmakers work of art which can be enjoyed over, and over again and shared with loved ones is simply no longer viable. Are you listening entertainment marketers? It’s time to invent a better product. One that creates a more valuable connection and desire with your audience. If we keep this up, movies and the art of filmmaking will become a free commodity…oh wait, they are already… hello DVR, Hulu and You Tube.

10 ) There is a purpose in everything and it will reveal itself when we’re ready. In other words…when the student is ready the master will appear.

11 ) Someone will always do it cheaper. And cheaper doesn’t mean better. See #9

12 ) “I don’t know” is a false truth. If I accept that I do know, the truth will find a way to present itself.

13 ) “We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle. Now, imagine if for every bad habit we have, whether it’s drinking too much coffee, biting our nails or cursing like a sailor was replaced by positive creative action. Our world would be so much more calm, considerate and well groomed. Be that change. Be that habit.

14 ) What gets measured gets done. There is a belief that anyone can make any change if it’s just given 30 days. This is why most products have a 30 day guarantee. If we focus and measure our tasks, large or small just for 30 days not only do we change our habits a new perspective. We can see process and results. We see where we have come from and have a clearer vision of where we are going to. Back in July of this year I began writing poetry for the first time in my life. I didn’t do this for some class assignment, or because it was required for a client project. I just wanted to try something new, for 30 days and man did it pay off. Now, not only do I have 30+ poems, enough to publish a small book, but I also created the confidence to continue writing.

15 ) Perfection Paralyzes – See #13