Embracing Time

The incredible beauty of nature struck me today as I strolled through a community street fair. In the bark of an old tree I felt the passage of time woven into its bark and it inspired me to dig deep into the trunk of my soul and examine what time has created upon my skin. Enjoy as I unravel the weaving of my bark.

Time is a thief. Time is also the great healer and benevolent creator. Time creates change – nature’s most profound and often unpredictable creative force. We look back in time to remember past moments, to cherish memories, to reflect upon lessons learned and journeys traveled. As the clock ticks forward and the digits shift their form we age, we grow, we transform our lives into being. This is being human moves us forward while also being able to reflect, to remember who we are, where we come from, why we made choices and how they transform human, being. We may never know if other animals have the ability of contemplative reflection, this ability to look backwards and look forward to imagine the roads yet traveled.

Time is fleeting, deceiving, and conceiting. It makes no apologies. Where time forward promises imagination, fantasy and anticipation of great fiction, the past becomes a record of facts, data and remnants of emotions once felt. Time can be cruel, revealing the worst of behaviors and decisions. Time also creates  space to heal wounds of heartache, of sorrow, of loss. Time is a human being’s most treasured gift, and often unrecognized savior. Today, I embrace time. I wrap my arms around its ticking hands, its shedding bark, and weaving of the great tapestry of moments and emotions.