Life’s Unwinding Journey

While taking a short excursion to the local mall, my son was drawn to a quaint, mystical shop bursting with rare minerals, Indian artifacts and symbolic wares of all sorts. As my son searched for pewter dragons sunken among wax and metal, my eyes were captivated by the most amazing cutaways of agate spirals. My mind began to wander and wonder how nature could have created such beauty over time, then it dawned on me, that was the secret wasn’t it? Beauty takes time and time takes beauty, they are symbiotic and symbolic, and the spiral is nature’s perfect design to reflect this.

The spiral has been known to represent cycles of time, from the seasons to infinite life cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. Psychiatrist Carl Jung believed the spiral symbolized the cosmic force while others consider the design of the spiral attributed to the process of learning and growing. No matter what notion one may prescribe to, I believe the spiral is a reflection of our life’s unwinding journey – never proceeding in a straight line and always evolving from its previous state. As we travel along this curved path we continue to pass around our center and if, like the spiral, we remain anchored to the core we build strength and beauty with each new venture.

Today I celebrate my life’s spiraling journey as I create another node along its winding path.