To Soar, One Must Leap

Nothing is more fearful and exhilarating as inching your toes right to the edge – feeling them curl over the surface and ignoring the comfort of solid ground. One millimeter more and balance will shift us over the cliff. One millimeter backwards and we’re weighted back on solid ground. As I observe the flight of a bird and innovative entrepreneurs who’ve tried, failed, then tried again, I’ve come to appreciate that in order for the creative spirit to soar, we must abandon all that we have come to rely on as solid ground. We must extend our glorious wings and take a running jump right to the edge and beyond. Some may call this blind faith, others may say it’s all to woo-woo. I say to them, they aren’t ready to accept their true soaring tale.

Today, I accept that in order for my creations to connect with others, I must close my eyes and extend my broken weathered wings with confidence and love. They haven’t let me down yet.