Opening the Door

Today I flipped open the cover of my story, my fears, my fantasies, naked and completely exposed for all to find. With my first public share of this online journal I have opened the floodgates for creativity to flow abundantly from author to guests and vice versa, well at least for 21 viewers today. The blog also flew well over the 100 view mark today. Here’s to continuing to soar higher with each passing day.

As I considered the benetifs/complications for sharing my writings and art this publicly, I decided to squash the inner critic shouting in my ear “don’t share this on Facebook, it will come back to haunt you someday.” I know that if I embrace faith, the rewards will far out wage my worst imagination. And how can I help others if I don’t put myself out there.

Cheers to creating peace, love and the courage to step out center stage.