30. A landmark Event.

It takes great patience and dedication for me to get to 30 on anything. A 30 day diet. 30 days of exercise. 30 consecutive blog posts. 30 deserves pomp and circumstance. As I celebrate from this kingdom of mom, empire of business, and nation of artistry I share here my 30th poem from 2011.

Wings over Wounds

Days, months, years passed since your breath has filled these lungs
Concealing an unknown desire with a cluttered mind and songs unsung.
A stabbing pain. A numbed body. A blinded path where bliss once sprung.
Calling out in heavy darkness. Praying words would release its tongue.
Be patient, be present, be focused all would say.
Let go of all fear which constricts and blocks the way.
Distractions lured away time and led attention astray.
Ears turned deaf to an inner voice screaming to seize the day.
Perplexed in analytical spin, much had suffered great loss.
Late nights, long hours, friends and family each at high cost.
No one to blame, simply a torch wielding its fire, to bare, to cross.
A stranger to myself, writing took reigns to what had been quite lost.
Words sprouted wings where once festered wounds.
An artist’s pallet healed the sores with commitment, rhythm and hues.
No turning back, no ignoring that which is now highly attuned
Embrace the forward light, for this is the breakdown to breakthrough.