Happy JaNEWary 1st! Welcome to my life :-)

As our lives unfurl and the years and decades pass, it’s important to reserve quiet moments of reflection and reconnect with our core self. You know the one. The one that wakes up a split second before the morning alarm clock and attempts to convince you to rest those extra 15 minutes. The one who shows up when paramedics call to say your mother has had a stroke and is on the way to the hospital. The one at the center of the rings radiating out to family, friends, colleagues, after dinner telemarketers, gas station attendees and cosmetic counter clerks. The one who was once one and no more.

This JaNEWary 1st, I have left the world of Good Intention to reside in the world of Great Belief. Where the love of God and all that I believe creates my strength. Where love itself is the most powerful weapon against illusive dreams, intangible treasures and wicked desires. Today I share the creation of 10 more lessons along this theme of love. Click here to read more from 2011.

36 ) Listen inside. Everything I need is there. I freely admit that I’m a perpetual student. Because of this insatiable need to discover and understand I seek insight from external forces. I’ve just begun learning how to tap inside to the gifts others say I have. In order to practice listening more to myself I’ve created a process for coaching myself through my daily  journal. I begin writing as the “authentic” me then give myself permission to encourage, discipline and boast. Once I’m in the process, within 5-10 minutes my stream of consciousness takes over and a secret motivator rises to the surface – one usually attached to a brilliant concept I would have never uncovered had I not been listening inside.

37 ) That which I seek is also seeking me.

38 ) Meaning is the difference something makes. If it makes no difference, it was no meaning.

39 ) An artist is not paid for his labor but his vision.

40 ) Quit practicing what I’m going to do and just do it.

41 ) Love is a creation, not an emotion.

42 ) Take emotion out of decision making.

43 ) When the value is clear, the decision is easy.

44 ) Business is 10% courtship, 90% relationship. Relationships speak from the heart.

45 ) I am more valuable than my business.