An Awakening

Just as ever fairy tale has its villain, its challenge and strife, so too does it have an awakening. Be it of mind, spirit or body, it makes no difference where the path of awakening finds us as long as we leave the door open a crack to let a kiss of its light enter.

Today I toured about Disneyland on what had to be the second busiest day of the year. I listened with an open heart as families sang and swayed in unison to the Enchantment of the Tiki Room. I watched in awe and respect as a severely handicapped woman in a wheelchair laughed along with her angel of a husband to the comedic lines of the Jungle Cruise boat captain. And as I cascaded through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, catching sight of the infamous spindle, inside I felt a playful re-awakening where spirit, mind and body synthesized into a beauty far more breathtaking than the fair Aurora.

Thank you Happiest Place on Earth for creating joy and happiness for families across the globe.