Today has been such a powerful day for me! After over a year of working with a personal mentor, this first leg of our journey has come to a close. As I look back over the past 6 months in particular, I am in awe at the spiritual and personal growth I’ve experienced. People often ask me what I’ve gotten out of such a significant investment (believe me folks, the financial investment was the easy part compared to the emotional and mental commitment made). There are no words that can adequately describe the shift in my insight and the confidence I now possess.

For our last session today, I delved into my deepest fear of being deprived or trapped in pain. We discussed what that looks like on a day to day basis between family, work, social relationships, my writing and my art. This is a very difficult conversations to have, I won’t kid you. But today I viewed it from a whole new perspective and clarity of insight. A perspective that can only come from having come from surviving the pain and recognizing it for what it is. We also discussed challenges in my business where the level of my leadership is simply not always required and behavior which I may interpret as disrespectful and unappreciated may often simply be apathy. By seeking worthiness from the outside I’ve essentially become addicted to the release of endorphines through my bloodstream. I then move into a trance  where I have no ability to be conscious of my own internal worth. Well enough! I AM ENOUGH!

No more! I have created Victory. In fact, as fate would have it I drew the her presence from a deck of Angel Therapy Cards my mentor and I often entertain ourselves with. Victory flows through the veins of my true story’s Heroine and through the coming months she will continue to unfurl on these pages !