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As I drove home this evening from a fully packed day, I debated what I would post this evening. What creation would I share that would define this day? I am blessed to say there were too many to count. In fact, I birthed as many creations as I wore proverbial hats today. So I decided to try something a little different today and post a fairly accurate record account of my day. Forgive me, it may be long winded but worth the read.

6:38am – Internal alarm awakens me and I confirm the time on my trusty iPhone clock. YES! I can lay here for another 20 minutes or so before crisis hits. I roll over, close my eyes and try to return to the dream…of course can’t remember what it was now, but at least it didn’t cause me to wake with heart palpitations. I wear no hats yet, in fact I purposely avoid even looking for one.

6:49am – Give it up, you’re gonna have to get up so you might as well take a sneak peek at the email while enjoying these last few minutes of blissful peace. I slip on the hat of morning ritual. Junk mail – delete. LinkedIn group alerts – delete (I’ll never get to them today and they’ll be repeated tomorrow anyway). Ahh, there it is, my message from the Universe. Today it’s telling me that it has some smokin’ idea up it’s sleeve for me for this new year. Nice. I absorb Iyanla Vanzant’s “Stimu-mail” with a 14 Day Prayer Practice “There is nothing to be healed only God to be revealed.” I feel at peace. My daily enneathought reminds me to “listen to other people but learn to appreciate silence and solitude.”

7:04am – Okay, I admit it, I snuck (is that a real word) an extra 4 minutes before planting my feet on the ground. So sue me. Now this is where it really heats up. Slip on mom hat. I’ve got roughly an hour to get myself all shiny from teeth to toes, get the kids in their school uniforms, feed everyone some assortment of healthy breakfast, sign permission slips, search for change for field trips, sign homework pages, grab the toast before it burns, feed the dog, wait – she’s coming to the office, pack it in a baggie instead, don’t forget treats or she’ll be whining all morning, wrestle the kids in the car and drop them off at school. Whew, made it before the bell rang and strategically avoided seeing the dance teacher because I forgot my checkbook.

8:32am – Pop on Mid Life Crisis Hat. It’s time for another health screening. I’ve been poked and prodded enough during my life that drawing blood doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s the measuring tape around the belly that scares the bejeezuz out of me. Well, it is a new year, and I have good intentions of laying off the soda, chocolate and carbs. I’m even entertaining a gluton free menu. I know it’s only January 5th, but so far so good. I’m on a mission to flip my health around and today is just another reminder of how important it is that I do just that.

9:00am – Screening was so efficient I had time to race to the college, pick up my monthly paycheck and have a quick, and enlightening conversation with the department chair…Educator Hat on snug.

9:27am – Back on the road, I head to the office. Daughter Hat replaces educator as I call mom just to say I love you as I pass by the freeway off ramp leading to her home. How I wish I could divert my route and just whisk her away to do a little shopping.

9:52am – Now the real juggling gets started. Suffice it to say within the next 3 hours I switch hats more often than the dog begs for a treat. The Business Owner Bowler tucks above my ears and evaluates the game plan for the day, hoping against all hope I squeeze in an hour for new business development. I check the calendar, shift things around with every good intention of getting to the cold calls in the afternoon when it’s warmer right? Creative Director Hat stealthly drops on my head to strategize the day’s deadline. I flip the hat around to Art Director and guide my talented designers on my vision. Proofreader Visor slips on to review the latest packaging layouts to be sure ® and © are all in the right place. For the time being, I am tasked with this responsibility until there is enough steady work to beef up the staff again. My personal assistant chimes in looking for direction on my next needs. Seriously, she’s so brilliant it’s challenge to stay ahead of her sometimes. Where’s that Marketing Executive Hat? Oh yeah, there it is tucked under the white paper on Lead Generations and our Social Media Marketing Handbook. Is it lunch yet?

11:32am – I visit the email inbox again, trying to clear as much as possible. I admit, it does often become my to do list. In spite of creating my calendar, and keeping a separate “Teux Deux” list, I haven’t seen an empty inbox since I started my own business over seven years ago. I reposition the newly donned Account Manager Helmet, respond to a few urgent requests and make a few more promises I’ll make good on later.

11:46am – A year ago I didn’t have to wear the Payroll Manager’s Chapeau or Bookkeeper’s Bonnet, but alas, we must all make adjustments as these times they are a changin’. Time for bill paying and calling in payroll. At least it’s a little more streamlined with less staff.

1:00pm – I race out to lunch with my best friend. I’m already late, fortunately it’s less than 5 minutes away, and she is extremely lovely and forgiving. Ahh, the Friend Fedora. My favorite hat to don. It’s so light and airy more like a mesh sun hat designed for leisurely afternoons on the beach. For the next two hours we laugh, share our challenges and did I mention strategize how we will masterfully design the next sensation for creative business entrepreneurs. Watch world, greatness is brewing in Tustin.

3:12pm – The Messenger and Mailman Caps steal the Friend Fedora away as I stop by the city to drop of one bill, and slip the remaining in the mailbox.

3:30pm – Back in the office and the heat is on. Only three more hours to complete our rush assignment and the design team needs help. I pop on the infamous Designer Black Beanie and crack open Photoshop, burn up the Wacom pen and knock out the final rendering before the clock strikes 6:30. In between strokes of the digital brush I juggled with the Account Manager, Marketing Executive, Proofreader and even Educator hats again. Business Owner Bowler is disappointed not to have reappeared but I place her lovingly on the shelf and promise her tomorrow! I feel good about the work, the day, and that’s what counts.

6:37pm – My daughter calls (actually it’s the 4th time she’s buzzed the cell) but she’s lonely and bored. More importantly she wants to know when I’m coming home so I can take her shopping for a stylish pair of pink Ray Ban sunglasses to wear for Friday free dress day. Mom starts to sweat a little under the brim as I make a promise, I hope I can make good on. I still have a batch of emails to send out to artists inviting them to a luncheon. For this I wear my Entrepreneurial Headgear complete with goggles and earmuffs – for grand adventures require a little extra protection.

8:05pm – I will admit, I usually pull in the driveway at least an hour early, but today was an exceptional day. Unfortunately, I’m also starving and the hubby has already cleaned up dinner and headed off to bed for an early morning rise. I slip on the Chef Toque and heat up a can of vegetable soup, it will have to do if I’m going to get my kids off to the store and back before bedtime. Well, without going into too much detail let’s just say two cranky/tired kids who have different agenda’s of how to spend the last hour of their day with Mom. Enter Child Psychologist/Negotiator/Mother. An argument over who gets to sit in the front seat ends up with no one sitting there and no drive to the store. Tears and letters of apologies later we are headed upstairs for bed.

10:03pm – Both kids asleep in their own beds after some serious “negotiating” and mom is donning the last hat of the day – Writer’s Visor. This little baby show‘s signs of wear around the edges, but I’ve just broken it in and it’s quickly becoming one of my most comfortable hats to don.

12:17am – Blog post complete. Gonna write my tiny one liner journal entry, read a little Iyanla Vanzant and a fairy tale before flying off to dreamland. Sweet dreams all :-)