A Signature Dish

I’m no Rachael Ray or Paula Deen. And although many moons ago I auditioned for the Martha Stewart Apprentice show (another story for another time), I’m no culinary cougar. I much prefer to spend my creative juices cooking up visual delights.

It was over 25 years ago that I was introduced to the delicious decadence of Tex-Mex fajitas. Spoons restaurant was the favored weekend retreat, where chips and salsa, fajitas and sodas for two would run just over $20. Flash forward a quarter century and today we’re talking double that menu price. I’ve tried fajitas at over a dozen restaurants since the 8os and although Chili’s restaurant comes in to a close second to Spoons, NO ONE matches my homespun recipe.

I won’t be revealing my secret recipe here, but let’s just say that a Mayan sweet onion 20 year broken in griddle are required.

Today I celebrate creating dinner and a family with satisfied bellies.