I had one of those giant ah-ha moments recently while chatting with a dear friend and fellow business owner. As we shared our recent victories and commiserated over continuing challenges we realized we simply think differently than most. I’m not referring to liberal vs. conservative thinking or possessing a semblance of intelligence higher than average. What I’m referring to is what our natural inclination of thought is when we experience something new. It could be learning about a local restaurant, walking into a meeting of strangers, listening to a new song on the radio, or trying a new flavor of coffee. My natural tendency of thought is to ask what’s the story and if I can’t find it, I make it up. It’s just what I do. Story is in my DNA. It’s how I see. It’s how I think.

It’s why…
– my dreams are so vivid

– my mind never shuts down

– I love going to the movies – solo

– I read every night

– I appreciate a great mentor.

– I learned to draw

– it frustrates me when I’m tongue tied

– I collect treasures (particularly sewn patches) whenever I travel

– I read between the lines far too often

– Silence creates story in my own head

– I can quickly see connections most other people don’t

– I constantly invent ways to show appreciation

– my home is more cluttered than most

– I love to travel

– I have found joy in writing

– I may be the quietest in the room, but inside my head a symphony of story is on stage.