I have been blessed in the past 18 months to have experienced some seriously dark times. That may sound like an untruth, but by traversing the dense jungles of heartache, swimming the dankest waters of abandonment and navigating the stormy skies of insecurity, only then could I unearth my most valuable treasures. During those hours, days even weeks when I lost the will to want, I discovered that the simple act of moving my body out of the bed, painting a small ceramic with my kids, folding clothes, making a salad, anything that kept me moving helped keep my mind focused on being present.

As I thought about what creation I would share today, what kept rising to the top for me were three conversations I had with three of the most empowering women I know. We chatted about common themes – family, children, work, relationships, but it was the deeper conversations we shared about our fears, our dreams, our stories which bonded our souls. Each of these dear women have, or are traveling through similar dark terrain as I continue to battle. It felt so rewarding to help each one of these beautiful women by sharing my experiences and empowering them with the gifts I’ve learned. These women are strong, wise, loving, devoted, and hold the utmost integrity. It’s such an honor to be blessed to know them. Thank you my dear, dear friends for listening, for inspiring, for belonging. I love you with all my heart and celebrate the creation of our friendships.

“The difference between faith and experience is this: One you must work on. The other works on you.” Iyanla Vanzant

Three Graces © Paul Vincenti