Today I create. I inhale. I inspire freely from love’s abundant home. Each conversation is a symphony of inhalations, of inspirations, of breathing in all that nourishes body and soul and exhaling the gifts which enrich others. My voice echos each breath through story. My innate gifts reverberate through writing, personal art in the form of paintings, jewelry and vessels of all shapes, sizes and medium. The rewards of conversation reflect in spiritual community and an abundance of creative joy for the entirety of my long and prosperous life.

Today I was blessed with the company of new and treasured friends who share my passion for the arts, love of family and belief in the positive human spirit. As my vision to creative a nurturing, responsibly, sustainable and supportive creative culture begins to manifest itself, I give thanks to this day which brought like minded souls together – to make a difference.

“If you have and hold love in your heart, you will always know what to do and what to say.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant