I have often wondered the significance of the “speech bubble” as a symbol for conversation. In comic book design it’s common visual convention to wrap words into shape so that a reader can understand the context of who expresses the words. But conversations rarely work that conveniently organized do they?

We overlap multiple conversations throughout the course of our day. An email in the morning may not be responded to until the afternoon. Meanwhile a text on the cell phone immediately begs for our attention. Facebook pops up with alerts on conversations still in progress while the phone chatters from across the room. And let’s not forget about the snail mail. Although it may take several days or even a week for the message to get through, the wait is worth the while.

Today I celebrate the beauty of conversation and the creations from minds of mutual partners. Conversation is a pathway that must be tended to. It must be navigated and charted. Like a garden it must be nurtured and loved or it will wither and dissolve into mindless babble. When two or more meet on this pathway it’s a beautiful serendipity.

So pick up the phone, call your mother and just tell her you love her. Walk over to the local deli and give a personal “hello” to the busboy. Take a solicitation call you would normally avoid.  Write that love letter you’ve been avoiding. It doesn’t matter where you begin. It only matters that you do.