Six months ago while attending a retreat with 18 other creative professionals looking to discover our authentic voice, the intuition of others in the group told me my path was to touch women. Touch in this case has nothing to do with physicality, but to touch, reach, connect and heal the hearts of women in need of healing. Our leader during the retreat encouraged each person in the group to reach out and spend some quiet time with me. In his opinion because I possessed some type of healing abilities. Ironically, I interpreted that instruction in reverse. My spirit had been so debilitated, my voice so mute, that the touch from the other incredibly talented and strong members was to actually heal my wounded heart and not vice versa.

Today, the tables turned and I indeed created a vision to touch, help and heal creative women whose spirit has been torn.  I have been given the tools and shown the path to help professional women who have been thrust into an uncertain future. These women with their unique and brilliant talents are in need of a nurturing hand, a loving heart and a compassionate soul. Having been where they are today, I can offer that to them from my most authentic voice. It is with great pride to announce that today I celebrate the creation of the Creative Women’s Center for Soul Healing. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO COME!