Wow, 50!

Half a century in age.

Two quarters dropped in the claw machine

The number of states in the US.

A rapper and the atomic number of tin.

50 is a milestone for me, at least in terms of blog posts. Although I have a few more years until I reach that same number in age, it’s creeping up faster than I care to admit. Time has compressed and accelerated it seems since the iphone made it’s way into my pocket. It seems like eons ago that using a touch sensitive screen was breaking innovation, now a short five years later the iphone has revolutionized communication and has put the entire world in the palm of our hands. 50 is also the tribute of the golden anniversary. Unfortunately, not many families have the privilege to celebrate that landmark achievement.

50 requires patience, tenacity, perseverance, a clear mind and above all – faith. Iyanla Vanzant’s powerful quote in her book “Until Today ”  reads “The difference between faith and experience is this: One you must work on. The other one works on you.” These 50 days have certainly been a little of both for me. It has been a catharsis, on one hand, where I’ve enjoyed free expression and a few minutes every evening listening just to me. On the other hand it has also served as one of my great challenges – to remain focused and committed when distractions and other shiny objects are left on the windsill.

Today I celebrate you 50 and all the light and creations your days brought into my life.