I woke up physically exhausted this morning. I mean muscles twitching, heart pumping, palms sweating…as if I’ve just run 25 miles in a marathon then simply lost the inertia to finish the race. I used to dream of bouncing off clouds and gliding across rooms, now my bones and muscles literally ache from the mountains climbed, mazes navigated and snowbanks trudged through – one agonizing step at a time.

Abandonment. Deceit. Frailty. Pity. Crimes of these most abusive dreams. With today’s creation of tempo and rhyme, I cast you away for all time.

Your seduction of fear
A production of tears
An abduction of light
and induction of fright
Your destruction of time
a construction of crime
An obstruction of dreams
and conduction of screams
My instruction of will
your reduction of ill