One of my goals for 2012 was to share lunch with one of my favorite people at least once a week. Friends, colleagues, clients, creative women whom I deeply admire are all on this list. Today, I had the pleasure to share one of the most memorable mealtime discussions with one of my favorite clients and truly beautiful woman. We chatted about everything from our industry’s challenges, to our favorite websites, to intuitive painting, to ballroom dancing. By the end of the lunch I was riding so high with empowerment and inspiration that the 40+ mile commute home felt like a burlesque balloon ride across waves of unbridled creativity and light-hearted mischief.

One of the observations which came from our conversation was how women in particular make notes to our future selves. For example, if I’m away from the office and I want to remember to take care of something when I return, I will email my self a note. Or, while researching for a client project I come across a quote that speaks to me I grab my trusty Post-it note pad and write my self a note to stick upon my monitor and read again later. I‘ve even left my self a voice mail with the grocery list and have written key words literally on my own palm. My daughter even shared that she often writes invisible notes to herself on her palm then pretends to tuck them under the brim of her make believe hat for later retrieval. How about journals and diaries? Aren’t these stories written to ourselves for soul retrieval later? Aren’t they a direct pathway to RE-MEMBERing – to bringing back into whole, our mind, body and spirit?

Do men send messages to their future self? Do they craft words of encouragement and reminders to take out the trash or call mom during lunch? And when was the last time your husband, brother or son kept a daily blog just because they felt inspired and didn’t want to loose the message.

Today I created acceptance that it’s okay to speak with my self of the near or distant future. To pat her on the back, and encourage her with words and wings of loving support. You are an incredibly gifted woman my dear, now go and share THAT with the world.