Symptoms, remedies and lessons. Today’s creation came in the form of writing, and writing, then writing again. I wish the words I long to express would flow through me onto paper as effortlessly as they float about in my head. I know I’m pretty self critical and should just write as I would speak but I’ve discovered I am better when it comes to editing than staring at a blank page. Although emotional meaning is always what holds me on to a good story, I also long for logic and structure in writing. When I can’t instantly create that myself, I spend painstaking hours in editing.

So today, after four re-writes (two of which by one of my most treasured and loyal art directors) and one final last edit, I’m relieved to announce I’ve completed this year’s incredible Valentine’s promotion. A 24 page guidebook on identifying the problems faced during dating, I compare how some of film’s most popular Romantic Comedies have solved the very same 10 relationship challenges. Next week I’ll be in a frantic printing and binding mode to complete everything by Valentine’s Day. Whew! I’m gonna sleep good tonight.