Until today I’ve never really thought about the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom. As I look deep into the experiences of my past two years, and they have certainly been stress filled, I’ve come to recognize the clear distinctions between the two.

Intelligence – a learned behavior from exterior influences. We attend school and take seminars. We hire mentors and consultants. We read books and read blogs. But all this input, all this green leafy content we eagerly munch on is simply data stored in our memory banks. We may rack our brains later to access it, but without a sense of emotional context it ultimately has little retention.

Wisdom on the other hand is gained from what and how we participate with our world. I used to believe the longing I have to discover and explore would be satisfied by taking more workshops and reading more books. As I grow older, I realize the more I push those influences aside and look inside my own heart and experiences, the brighter golden wisdom shines each day.

Below I share 10 more of the nuggets of wisdom earned and learned in 2011.

46 ) Be in the business of selling ideas not design.

47 ) A professional shows up at the job everyday – no matter what.

48 ) I don’t need to connect with everyone.

49 ) Ask more “why” questions. That’s where the story is.

50 ) Make every story a personal story.

51 ) “Story’s are equipment for living. Without them we would struggle in a sea of confusion.

52 ) Embrace the power of discernment.

53 ) I am the best creative director in entertainment marketing.

54 ) Make it clear to all why I’m here and what I care about.

55 ) Truth and Love will always win before the curtain closes.