Today was an interesting day, surrounded by beautiful and gifted women – laughing with colleagues, reminising with my mother, coaching my daughter and being gentle with my Self. These last few months, and weeks in particular, have raised many challenges, obstacles and worse, moments of deafening silence. I crave the noise, the chaos, the hectic pace of my life’s choices. But the quiet anticipation of a phone call, the chime that announces more junk mail, the empty mail box, the online discussions that no one answers,  the analytics needle that has barely nudged, it all begs me to question…is anyone out there? Is anybody listening? Does what I have to share relevant? Am I relevant?

Later in the afternoon a former student came for a brief visit. It had been several months since I had last seen her and so it was nice to catch up for a bit. She shared her challenges as a recent graphic design graduate seeking a job and I shared with her the various projects I’ve been working on since we last talked. She was quiet, calm, attentive, in no hurry to run off and attend some other event in her life. I envied her peace. Then she surprised me by sharing about how much I inspire her. I held my thoughts close to my chest for a moment before turning the table on her and confessing in fact that it’s my students who effortlessly inspire me. Together we created a bond, a love, a mutual and trusting respect…and that meant more than the loudest phonecall, highest analytics and most over stuffed mailbox ever.

Today I created inspiration and I am whole for doing such.