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I’m often asked by friends and students how I get so much done. My Achilles heal is that I rarely accomplish half as much as I intend to. Like today’s photo, I often feel my life’s creative bucket overflowing. It’s as if the faster I paint, the fuller my bucket becomes.

Lately my days have been even more “multi-focused.” It’s as if I’m dipping into many buckets of my color pallet and holding faith that the life painted will be worthy and remembered. I will not waste a single drop of paint or moment of my life. This is the commitment behind every choice I make. This presents a VERY demanding challenge for me. When I’m in the zone for one project, I’m usually thinking of half a dozen others in my head. Many have commented that this is due to my lack of focus, but I beg to differ as I am focused on the big picture – the how and why my choices interconnect. I have however, learned to recognize when I lose a sense of priority, and throw myself into constant activity. Whether it’s called “being present” or “focusing” I know that the flurry of busyness others may see as “getting so much done” may be my coping mechanism for a fear of the quiet moment.

Today my creation was to focus my full attention on each single task, activity or light hearted moment with family. When evening came and it was time for my writing, I simply could not keep my eyes open a second longer. No matter how hard I wanted to get out one more creation, one more truth, I found myself falling asleep while typing. God only knows what I type when that happens. Typos become the least of my worries.