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I like a good ambiguity just as much as the next gal, but today’s fortune from Panda Express left me stumped.

Last year, one of the painful lessons I learned about myself last year is I can be my own biggest obstacle. So when I saw today’s fortune cookie it reminded me that although I work very hard to lead my business, my clients and a good example to my friends and family, I can also get “in my own way.” For some, getting in their own way may come from fear, resistance, insecurity, or procrastination. For me “getting in my own” way means letting my bad habits prevent me from making decisions and commitments. Making a committed decision is a mark of leadership. Taking a stand, a step, even a leap of faith is a deliberate choice. When I fail to make that deliberate choice I’m letting myself get in the way of progress.

Today’s creation is one of awareness of how I get in my own way. Step aside Young Padawan. I will walk beside you. I will teach you. I will guide you, but you must listen as much as you create.