As I continue to list the 101 lessons learned from 2011, I realized I didn’t already have a photo to share today. I looked around my bedroom as I sat from my rattan writing chair and set my keen eyes out on an observation. Candles of delicious scents to my right, a bookshelf of inspiration to my left and dirty socks sprinkled across the floor. It didn’t take long for me to discover an irony sitting directly under my fingertips. Has anyone else noticed that on a MacBook Pro, the power button is located immediately to the right of the delete button? Now Steve Jobs appreciated not only great design, but a little irony too. So today I honor and celebrate the “power to delete.”

56) Value is defined not by what we cost, but by what IT costs.

57) Silence is where the spirit awakens to play and where insight and strength grow.

58) Perfection paralyzes.

59) Distraction is an addiction getting in the way of what really matters.

60) A person who cares for himself doesn’t let the bad stuff in.

61) “A picture STARTS a 1000 words” Peter Guber

62) When we surrender to the fear, it looses its power over  us.

63) Information is to “I know” what Insight is to “I see.”

64) Most of us live two lives – the one we live, and the unlived life that lives inside us. between the two lies resistance.

65) Let go of material things and remind our self that holding on to objects can help us to reminisce, but the actual memories really live inside us.