When I began this adventure 91 days ago, my intention was to set aside time each day for the period of one year to let go of the stories, inspirations and creative ideas that flurry about my head everyday. I thought that if I had a place where these gifts could live, outside of my head that is, I would make room for more to enter. My goodness, I had no idea how well that would play out. Not only have I created the space to reflect on my creations each day, I’ve also met other creative people who are sharing my journey. Writers, poets, filmmakers, artists, coaches, spiritual leaders have all entered my world and have reciprocated their gifts ten fold.

Another aspect I didn’t think about in December 2011 was that 2012 would be a Leap Year. Bummer, considering I already committed to the creativemuse365 URL. So today, in honor of all my dear friends and followers, I have a special gift for you. Instead of sharing one of my own creations, I give to you a short passage from one of my favorite writers Iyanla Vanzant and her thoughts on risk taking and committing to a leap of faith.

In order to be relationship material, you must take a risk, tell the truth, trust that you’ll be heard. You must lay down all defenses, expectations and judgements. You must give without taking, grow without overshadowing, bend without feeling broken and know without doubt. Most important of all, you must know exactly what you want and be willing to ask for it.

Happy Leap of Faith Day!