Ever notice how sometimes the truth sneaks up on you like those pesky grey hairs at your temple and other times the truth clocks you right upside the head? Well today the truth spoke to me through the mouth of one of my students.

Over the past year I’ve been trapped in a whirlwind of commitments and obligations searching for purpose and meaning. Like most of us these days, my business is in transition, my children are getting older and wiser, and my heart has been experiencing growing pains I can’t even begin to define. There have been days, weeks even months when I’ve felt disconnected from my passion and have simply been going through the motions, walking the path knowing it will connect with me again somewhere down the road. Today, exactly THAT happened.

I came across a TED video from Andrew Stanton of Pixar which cut straight to the core of WHY I write this blog…WHY I’m so obsessively dedicated to the arts…WHY I have an insatiable desire for knowledge…and WHY I’m here on the planet in the first place. I am here to INSPIRE – to breathe life into another. I am here to share the breaths that inspire me. I am here to shift another’s perception to wonder and amazement…not by my own vain products or actions but by sharing what enriches me, what entertains me, what entices and engages me…and above all what encourages me. So after I shared with my entertainment design class Andrew’s powerful message of storytelling, a student came to me and in his most sincere voice said “Thank you for sharing that. It was very inspiring.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my day and sum up my life’s work…to inspire, to breathe in, to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence of wonder.

Please pass along to your neighbors, your co-workers, or your loved ones something that inspires you. It can be a word, a painting, a facebook message, a Rumi poem, or even just a smile from a stranger that came unexpected and untethered.