I don’t normally post two pictures in the same daily post. Then again, today wasn’t normal and the irony of today’s events are best summed up in these two photos. First, we have a lagoon of reef sharks. Predatory, with mouths designed to remain open at all time with row upon row of teeth ready to bear down on its prey. In constant movement because their gills do not pump water in as fast as other “fish” sharks are on a consistent hunt for scraps or chum. Known for this relentless pursuit of food and activity, attorneys have been often referred to as sharks. But today I could easily refer another profession as sharks, but let’s just call them the creative predators.

Enter photo number 2, the polar bear. Also known for being a solitary being with the exception of mating and cub-raising time, Polar Bears are sedentary. They can hibernate for months at a time and remain warmed and nourished by their own being’s resources. Polar bears raise their cubs and who enjoy and value God’s greatest creative gift – playtime. Let’s call these beings the creators.

Now creators and predators do not thrive in the same environment, but they need the same food chain to sustain their needs. The difference is the creator only takes what he needs for himself and family. He packs everything on his body knowing he many need to survive on his packed reserves. The predator on the other hand is so fearful his gravy train will disappear he consumes anything and everything in his wake with no regards for conservation.

So without going into details I’m not ready to disclose yet, a pack of sharks have been circling around under the guise of benefactor. I’ve tried to label them something else, but today’s realization opened my eyes to facts that simply cannot be ignored. Future challenges lie ahead which will require consultation and negotiation before the issues are resolved. I promise when the time is right, I will share the full story. For now, just imagine those hungry sharks tearing into your greatest work of art without any regards to value and authorship.

Today’s creation is to mark that as of the time writing this entry, the blog has had 1018 visitors. This averages roughly 10 per day or 340 a month – far beyond my expectation. Thank you everyone who has stuck with me during these first 100 days. I promise that my musings and insights have just begun and many more “creations” are under development.