Weekends are made for sleeping in, for laying with the dog on the bed and lazily checking email and reviewing Facebook updates. This morning after forgetting it was daylight savings time, and realizing I had already lost an hour, I was a little more judicious of my lazy time. Fortunately the email was light, but a Facebook link to the Kony2012 video by Jason Russell didn’t take more than 3 minutes of viewing before I was choking back the tears. Jason‘s calm and patient voice had me hooked and the video of Jacob sharing the loss of his brother left an ache in my heart. By the time I reached the end of Jason’s brilliant message and the plight of the Invisible Children, I was fully aware, angry and agonizing how I could make a difference beyond a donation.

Meanwhile, my kids had been taunting me to set up a lemonade stand in the front yard for a few days. So after making my way to the living room to officially say good morning, I turned off the TV, sat my laptop in front of my son and daughter and asked them to watch a 30 minute video before talking about their lemonade stand. Now, I realize there are very disturbing parts to this video and I don’t endorse parents from allowing their children to see the video without consent. So as I cleaned the kitchen and began the weekly laundry, I carefully observed as my kids watched. They sat intent, concerned and fully focused. At the end of the video I asked them about their feelings when my sensitive son immediately said he wanted to hand out posters at his school and ask the principal to make an announcement., My daughter next suggested selling the lemonade to help raise money and grabbed the sharpie to make changes to her already designed poster.

So the lemonade stand began. Neighborhood kids joined in calling out to cars as they drove by, performing cartwheels and flashing their newly designed posters. A couple hours later, on this sleepy little street in a quiet neighborhood, the kids had raised over $27!! One customer even gave a $4 tip just to help support the cause. Now $27 may not sound like a huge amount, but if every street, in every neighborhood, across every city and state across the US were to band together for the good of a cause like this we could do ANYTHING.

Jason says near the end of his video “The people of the world see each other and can protect each other. it’s turning the system upside down and it changes everything. We have reached a crucial time in history where what we do or don’t do right now will effect every generation to come.” I witnessed it first hand in the actions of a group of 4th and fifth graders wanting to make a difference far beyond the safety of our quiet little neighborhood.

I’m so proud of my kids, our neighbors and every individual brave enough to stand up and say NO MORE injustice, NO MORE suffering, NO MORE intolerance, NO MORE hatred, NO MORE ignorance. It’s the time for awareness to take action. It’s time for the individual to speak of the injustice. It‘s time for every one of us to believe and become the better world.