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Each night I have a ritual which involves meeting my favorite writers before fading off to dreamland.

Typically this begins with reading a daily devotion from Iyanla Vanzant. Her messages never fail to resonate with me. Iyanla devotes the month of March to opening the heart to awareness. Through my reading I’ve most recently discovered that I cannot judge my clarity based on how someone else responds and in turn I cannot judge another’s clarity. That, when the “light bulb moment” hits me, I deserve to OWN it – to sit quietly and let it pass through every cell of my body. I DO NOT need to share it or search for another to qualify it.

Following the single page message from Iyanla, I take another small dose of insight from either Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, or Christina Baldwin’s Storycatcher. Each of these writing masterpieces help me connect and stay focused on my writer’s path.

Before my eyelids begin droop and my breath begins to slow, I select my final reading. Most recently my favorite of choice has been Joan Gould’s Spinning Straw into Gold. In this wonderfully scribed collection, Joan shares what fairy tales reveal about the transformation in a woman’s life. It’s a perfect tale for me to explore at this transitional phase of my life and I look forward to stepping into the journey every evening.

So today’s creation is a loving embrace to all these writers who have touched me, inspired me and guide me every day. I hope that one day I may have the blessings to personally shake the hands that nurture my writer’s soul.