A couple very dear educational colleagues and I had a chance to speak today about how jammed our emails have been lately. So many messages, so many channels, so many invitations, so little time. These days we must set aside time just to prioritize what we spend our time on. Before you know it we’ll be challenged with prioritizing our time for setting our priorities. It’s a vicious cycle we are living on when time itself is our most valued possession. And with so many pieces of information flooding our in-boxes everyday, we are often too over-saturated to separate the meaningful from the mindless.

Those of us in marketing, are confronted with this issue on a daily basis. We help our clients craft their messages and, for our own businesses, we follow up that craft with our own marketing efforts. But when is more information too much? What is the point of saturation? What are we truly seeking when we grab that pen to write a letter, place a person to person call or “connect” on LinkedIn or Facebook? It’s human nature to want to bond with a fellow tribe. Sending  messages and requests to connect are fine as long as it’s part of a meaningful and committed relationship. But, when the message is too generic or too influenced by current popular culture and trends it looses all authenticity and credibility.

Today, I fell into this well of creating forgotten messages so I reached for my marketing pen to try to write myself a way out. I’m grateful for this experience as it will help me gain a brighter perspective about what REALLY connects with others. Sounds like I need to write another post just to prioritize this topic :-)