The Hobbit Hole…

a secret little cubbyhole in our office affectionately named such because the door is only about four and a half feet tall. It has no knob, no frame and nearly invisibly fades into the wall. Over the past five years of  “living” and working in this office building we’ve tucked inside this room printed samples, DVD packages, oversized boards, holiday promotions, assorted frames and posters.

Besides my kids and dog, I’m the only one short enough able to stand fully upright in the space. At times in my life, my vertically challenged height has been a detriment, but when it came time to conducting a little housecleaning today, my stout Finnish DNA became very practical.

As I entered the hole and passed along boxes to our interns waiting with open arms just outside the space, I felt a reserved sense of nostalgia as I once again touched some of the projects so lovingly tucked away for safety. But more importantly I also relished in the deep cleansing, of letting go of the past to make room for future abundance. This would have been very difficult for me just a couple years ago. My spirit was not ready for it for my soul needed its own cleansing first.

Today I celebrate the decision and choice to let go, to cleanse, to share my once private space with others and make room for future riches. In honor of this day I also want to share a recent quote that was gifted to me through a dear friend and muse.

A human being is a deciding being ~ Victor Frankl