Tonight’s discussion with my entertainment design class was dedicated to the challenges they face fine tuning their portfolio, creating a promotional piece for their dream job, and gaining insight on preparing for their first of many interviews. It was interesting that as I began talking about the specific challenges of students, I found the same obstacles face me each day as I aim to reach clients who are the best fit for my business. Topics like prequalifying, researching, making that cold call, creating a memorable door opener and finally getting a face to face meeting.

As we talked specifically about the portfolio and what it needs to contain, once again I heard a familiar chorus. 1) Show some type of mastery – a specialized skill and talent that no one else can compare to. 2) Demonstrate an endless passion and dedication for your work by revealing a unfathomable resourcefulness. 3) Cover the foundations. Be sure that each and everything created is not only conceptually at the top of your game but also shows a indisputable understanding and application of the fundamentals. Get the clay under your fingernails and graphite on your wrists. 4) Be a problem solver not just to solve the problem, but to do so in a way no one else could have predicted or achieved themself.

What does all this have to do with “because mom can do anything?” As I was chatting with my students I shared a story for each of these 4 points. When I discussed #1, I chose a story from very early in my childhood. You see ever since I was very young, I’ve had unrelenting drive to create. When I was 7 I crocheted a doily that others thought was created by my mom. Ever since that day I’ve believed I could make almost anything, all I needed were the right tools, supplies and a little resourcefulness. Actually, I REALLY believe ANYONE can make anything with the right tools, supplies and resourcefulness.

So to cap this story off, my daughter was already in bed by the time I was home from school, but she ironically left me a lovely drawing of a poncho with a little instructional note. “Mom, please crochet this for me as soon as you can, and make it a little see through.” That’s right ladies and gentlemen, “because mom can make anything” and who am I to disappoint a little fashionista.