Story – It’s what we’re made of and what we make. In its simplest definition, Story is a metaphor for life ­– our conflicts, our triumphs, our changing events, our life’s poetry. Story can also be better than life. It’s can be an abstraction of details, focusing on the heart of what we see or do, and leaving out the facts sitting on the surface. Most of all, story is truth wrapped in emotion.

Today, I celebrate the creation of my life’s story through revelation of my own truths. After a tasty dinner and even more delicious conversation with one of my muses, and new dear friend Angi Sullins, I’ve come to discover one of the hard truths of my life’s journey. By examining events where my work was devalued and unappreciated, I’ve recognized it’s time to let that hurt go and focus my positive energy on something that really matters…my own passion.

What is my passion? I’ve tucked it away for safe keeping the past couple years I nearly forget what it was.