This ascent has taken its tole on my body, my mind and my emotions. Just a year ago, my search to discover my “authentic voice” left me speechless and gasping for breath. When a circle of talented artists, coaches and leaders in the room were expressing themselves so fluently, so clearly and poetically, I was mute. The workshop included everything from “intuitive writing,” “intuitive painting,” “intuitive music performances,” even “intuitive dancing.” At one point we each sat face to face with another attendee asking each other questions mentally then answering that question in what we intuitively felt was the question. I trusted the group. I trusted my mentor who encouraged me to attend. Most of all, I trusted my dear friends on either side of me. When the workshop began there was an excitement and apprehension in the air. But for me, by the third day I was more lost than ever. I cried. No. I wailed. The pain in my heart was something I had never felt before. I had never been so lost.

Flash forward one year, and everything has reversed nearly 180°. I’ve not only seen the light of my own power, but I’ve confidently shined it in the direction of those artists, filmmakers and writers whom I desire to work with most.

The day began innocently with catching up with one of my employees with my last weeks activities and how they effect marketing plans for the business. Clear, confident and passionate I feel like I passed along my positivity and inspired my colleague.

A few minutes later, a productive conversation with one of my favorite clients resulted in three brand new projects. Next, an initial conversation with a potential NEW client, one who is an ideal fit for our new positioning, left me soaring so high above the clouds even the mountain tops couldn’t stretch to reach. I pulled together EVERYTHING from the past year into one conversation – my marketing experience and research tactics, my love and respect for artists, my leadership in the entertainment community and a few of our latest case studies.

Best of all I shared our fee structure and there wasn’t a flinch, or words directing the need to be “cheap and cheerful.” Yes, that direction showed up on a recent creative brief. Sad huh!

Later in the afternoon another colleague offered me a barter exchange of services and growing friendship.

So today’s creation celebrates my energy, resourcefulness, and emotional investment that has been at rest far too long. I stand here from the peak of this immense mountain range smelling waves of lavender and vanilla. Most of all, the weight of stress on my chest is now no heavier than a bird feather. I look across the plains of rugged terrain climbed and I remember. I restore. I rejoice.