With each year my body grows weak,
and skin wilts from lack of youth.
I long for rainy days of winter,
when time seems to slow its truth.
You are gentle rain
falling on my broken heart.
My body heals with time.
With each month I grow impatient
for love’s long lasting kiss.
It tempts my endearing faith
when time leads me far amiss.
You are my world now
no other is in my path.
My love sealed in time.
With each week more fades around me
and trash piles with no remorse.
I clear space for your open arms
when time brings guiding force.
You are quiet songs
in my heart’s new melody.
My voice sings in time.
With each day the sun feeds my hunger
then burns right through the night.
I fear each day grows shorter
when time and earth ignite.
You are patient strength
with courage beyond my sight.
My faith expands time.
With each minute I long for peace
as challenges become more fierce.
I cling to moments of freedom
when time and weapons pierce.
You are gallant might
where others would give up.
My soul begs for time.
With each second I feel you near
you’re at the edge of every dream.
I want you now more than ever
when time tempers my scream.
You are my brave muse
of beauty, form, style and grace.
My dreams, burning time.