Everywhere I travel I carry with me a tiny purple moleskin book titled “Little Book of Big Ideas.” In it contains everything from workshops I would like to teach to a half dozen books perculating in my head. One of these books that gnaws at my brain is based on the 101 Lessons from 2011 I’ve posted here in my musings. The design of the book is perfectly pictured in my head, which is the absolute worse curse to actually getting it done. I’ve gathered here  the next 10 lessons based on action and reaction.

66 ) Each human has two sources of energy. Female energy receives, where male energy takes action.

67 ) When you worry, put it into action.

68 ) Create boundaries and hold the line.

69 ) Activate compassion without judgement.

70 ) Just a slight move of a “C” turns reaCtive to Creative.

71 ) Destruction is the first step to creating new.

72 ) Embrace the power of discernment.

73 ) Something “more” could become something “less”

74 ) You’re only free when you have nothing to lose.

75 ) It takes the average person 7-14 “p0ints of interest” before a meaningful and memorable impression is made.