I have a confession to make. I am an inspiration junkie.

Most days I succumb to analysis paralysis and destination procrastination. So many lovely dreams brew between the hemispheres of my brain – stories to write, books to publish, quotes to remember, portraits to paint, jewelry to craft, stages to dance, countries to visit, dreams to live. Yet, more often I find myself spreading my time so thin – imagining, planning and collecting instead of tipping the scales more heavily towards creating, honing and sharing.

Today was one of those days. Pinterest has become latest daily addictions. Some call it “crack for those visually oriented.” Although I really try to limit to no more than 15 minutes a day between three different profiles, I easily find myself sliding down the rabbit hole and before I realize it two hours have slipped past. LinkedIn is a rabbit hole of another nature. It‘s like Match.com for business professionals. Although it promises a great treasure trove of relationship wealth, an official “date“ for a new business opportunity hasn’t come a calling yet. And, lest not forget trolling through the Facebook timeline where a simple “like” means you’ve cared enough to say “thanks for sharing”. And finally, the ever growing email accounts (currently I monitor ten, one to match each of the hats I wear) flood the inbox with more dribble than kibble.

My business mentor would say “what you focus on grows.” Yup, I get it! These gardens, each heartily consuming bushels of time each day, are sucking up my time to create the great feasts from their bounty. Each Like, Share, and Pin, moves me further and further away from the my power and action to create. I work on this every day.

Today I recognize my grand pursuit of inspiration adventure and remind myself it’s in my power to direct and drive. In contrast, the destination is not the reward, but the journey itself.