On this day of looking back and driving forward, I’ve rediscovered stories long forgotten and melodies etched in my heart.

As I cleared files in my office to make room for future creations I came across my graduate studies Statement of Purpose. In this three page biography of sorts I came across words I have not read in nearly 20 years. Grammar isn’t perfect, story structure is weak and detail is vacant yet it’s inspiring to read one of my very first stories and an ironic forecast of days to come. Today I celebrate creations of yesterday that have forged who I am today.

On the cold and overcast day of June 30th, 2042 a young girl and her grandmother arrive at Shopping Central. Walking past clothing, furniture and general stores, Grandma tells tales of days past when she was young. Finally they reach their destination: The Year 2000 Gallery. The specialty shop does not generally allow children to enter because the items inside are priceless and easily damaged, but the owner is the Grandma’s close friend; he knows what a special day this is to be.

While the girl explores, she hears Mozart’s Concerto in C Minor piped through the building. She is amazed at the thousands of paintings, drawings, sculptures, toys and products of the past century.

Grandma leads the girl to a single glass case located in a dimly lit cove. The young girl immediately recognizes the image in the case. It is a poster from her mother’s favorite movie of all time, starring two of the greatest actors from the 20th century. But this image looks different from the reproductions she has seen before. This is original artwork.

Grandma lifts her favorite grandchild up to take a closer look at the lower right portion of the artwork, where the young girl’s eyes widen in amazement to discover the scribbled signature of the woman holding her so near.


So now, take my hand

Come hold me closely,

as near as you can

Believe in all that we could be

And all the we have lived,

And all that we are.