Thank God for Angels – for soul sisters, for unconditional friendships based on truth and “abundant” love.

Just a couple years ago two beautiful Angels were simply stars brightening the horizon of my yet unpaved path. My first Angel, “Embrace Change,” first shined her vividness in my direction during a holiday party. Colleagues had encouraged me to meet her, that we had so much in common, this night was my induction into  her brilliance and nurturing presence. A few months later we bonded over wine and conversation and the rest is, as one may say, history.

Over the past eighteen months I’ve battled some pretty dark demons and have undergone significant personal transformation. The biggest realization is how I have not always been present and fully participating in the events of my life. And if not for this transformation I would never have recognized this Angel, my best friend. We met for lunch today and talked for hours about the shifts our lives are undergoing. Scary stuff really. Changes that in many ways have been put upon us by economic turbulence, the challenges of motherhood and the sands of time. But in spite of the difficulties we each face, we agreed to embrace change and push the fear of change to the farthest reaches of the universe. There is no doubt in my mind why this Angel was brought to me. She was saved for the exact time I needed her most. She’s continues to help guide and support me through more changing times. She is here to teach me to be fearless, to own my value and embrace the things that scare me most.

Angel number two “Believe” couldn’t be more perfectly named. And “believe” it or not, just a month ago we were only online chums. Then I had a wild idea to invite her to attend a writing retreat with me. She replied with an enthusiastic and poetically infused HELL YES! One day into the workshop and I was unraveling my most intimate stories. By last last day, not only did she meet my family, she became part of it. She became my soul sister. Her embodiment of the name “Believe” is suited to her because of her unconditional belief in me. She helps me unlock my truest self and uncover my highest potential.

I am truly blessed woman. I love and adore my friends, my muses, my sisters in ways undefinable by words or pictures. Today I celebrate the creation of Angels – of soul sisterhood – in every shape, color and form.