Imagine being among hundreds of entertainment’s brightest and most imaginative innovators. Twenty of these leaders step into the spotlight in four separate panel discussions to discuss and debate the evolution of entertainment.

This stage I set is where my mind, body and soul united. Hand coaxed my pen to unravel 15+ pages of keen insight, weblinks, books, leaders, metaphors, anecdotes, wisdom to partake and share in turn with my audience and future clientele. My intellectual appetite was once again fulfilled and I found myself making connections from the day’s topics into my work, my relationships and above all my life.

Jennifer Holt from UCSB said “Good branding makes me forget I’m being sold and I fall in love with he art of the pieces.” Ted Hope, Founder of Double Hope Films, said that for Independent Filmmakers it’s absolutely necessary to recognize the gap between art and audience because the rest of the industry with larger business models are simply two slow to adopt.

There were dozens of other messages and insight tucked away which I will someday shine a light on. Most relevant I would like to share the following “There’s a pleasure in connecting with people who like the same things we do – this is WHY transmedia entertainment has become the day’s golden gem.

One of the most poignant pieces at event that I was made aware of the “Life In a Day.” The stories in the film have been etched in my heart like no other film has. As a beloved friend, I want to share this experience with you.

Today I celebrate a re-energizaton of perspectives where stories transcend media, a kick starter for a dreams and a passions. I also want to recognize and thank Traveler, the noble white horse that saunters across the field at USC football games. Since 2002, Traveler VII has been the horse that gallops a victory run around the field with a Trojan warrior in the saddle. Today, I strode atop Traveler, at least metaphorically, to gain perspective on the horizon placed ahead of me.