One of the things I work on everyday is listening to my heart. I mean REALLY listening…like putting on make up with the bathroom door shut, commuting without the radio, curling up with the journal after kids are in bed, puting stethoscope to the chest…listening time.

I keep a long hand journal for daily ramblings, a pocket sized moleskin labeled  “My Little Book of Big Ideas” for lightbulb moments in the middle of watching the latest blockbuster movie, and I end each day by musing on here on Creative Muse. I honor these sacred writings with my time, my commitment and my truths. It’s where my heart speaks, shouts, celebrates and yes even cries big wet sloppy tears! These writings allow my spirit to soar and explore while my soul can ground and rebound.

I thank God everyday for guiding me to fellow creative women who inspire me…women including artist Laura Hollick from Soul Arts Studio, author Angi Sullins from Duirwaigh Studios, and CEO Sheri McConnell from the Smart Woman’s Institute.

I also believe supportive communities, colleagues and friends are the golden thread that remind us how to listen to our hearts, weather transitions and confidently step, feet firmly planted on the ground, into the future.

I realize today’s heading may seem a little cryptic but I will leave it at that for now. In the near future I will share today’s personal experience where a little boy named Joshua lives.