Ever began reading a book and felt like the author was literally ripping the pages out of your life’s story? Well this is the feeling I’ve experienced while being immersed in Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose.” I simply cannot put it down – well except to write this post of course.

Tolle breaks down the Ego. Its fears, its desires, the roles it plays inside us and projects outside of us. My favorite piece of enlightenment so far is how he speaks of the power concealed in the present moment. Tolle says “All that is required to become free of the ego is to be aware of it, since awareness and ego are incompatible. Only Presence can free you of the ego, and you can only be present Now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Only Presence can undo the past in you and thus transform your state of consciousness.”

After reading this passage, I began to think about when the last time I felt Presence. When was the last time Ego, with its need for superiority or attention due to inferiority, was no where in sight or mind. The answer was easy. I felt it today! Surrounded by dear friends in the ballroom dance community gathered for a local competition I was at peace, whole, fully aware and by the end of the day my cheeks literally ached from smiling so much. Now, I’m definitely not going to win any awards for my cha cha or tango, that’s not why I’m invested in it. I do it purely for my own personal joy and the pride I feel watching my son excel from his own talented gifts. This is pure happiness. This is abundant love. This is what being human is all about. This is my creation for the day…and many more to come!