Well, today was a first. I’ve never been called a good luck charm before but that’s exactly what happened…and the words come from one of my favorite clients no less.

Today’s creation comes from sharing the right words of encouragement at just the right moment. This morning, a phone call from a long standing client relayed their worst nightmare…that his project, his baby really, was inching towards a complete shut down. I consider every one of my clients a partner, a conspirator to deliver inspiring, and meaningful artistry to audiences, so the news cut to my heart like a lightening rod. Now, I love entertainment marketing and I’m sticking with it through thick and thin, but this industry certainly thrives on projecting fears not only on film but behind the scenes as well.

So without going into too much detail, I’m sharing this story because in spite of the fear of being shut down, with a little coaching and reminder of their brand story, I helped turn fear and anger into mission and action. Sure, there will be tough days ahead, and even tougher calls, but by demonstrating my belief in their product it reinstated their own belief and commitment.

About 4 hours later the tables had turned and my client announced I was their “good luck charm.” You see shortly after our morning chat, they received positive movement on the project and the light was shifting ever closer to green again. Now I don’t mind being declared a “good luck charm.” I’ll happily accept the title, but I also know luck will always come in second in the sight of a hero.

So cheers to the hero, to the one who stands in the face of resistance and shouts…bring it on! The hero is NOT fearless, but he/she becomes couragefull. The hero accepts no less than 100% commitment, passion and drive to pursue what calls to the heart. The courageous challenges fear by commitment to change. The courageous places awareness before judgement, transition over acceptance. The courageous asks for what they need and believes they’re worth it.